Water Storage Tanks

Venson Water Storage Tanks

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  1. Available in 2,3,4 & 5 layers.
  2. Available in black,blue,white & yellow colours.
  3. From 500 liters to 3000 liters capacity.

Specifications :

Capacity in Ltrs Diameter Height Manhole Diameter
500 870mm 1000mm 400mm
750 1000mm 1080mm 400mm
1000 1080mm 1230mm 400mm
1500 1260mm 1385mm 400mm
2000 1385mm 1560mm 400mm
3000 1600mm 1745mm 400mm

Double Layer Water Tanks

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    Features :

  1. These tanks come in 2 layers
  2. Inner layer is white & outer layer is black or blue
  3. Available in 500,750 & 1000 liters
  4. The outer layer is UV stabilized to protect from sun rays

Tripple Layer Water Tanks

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    Features :

  1. Available in black,blue,yellow & white colours
  2. Middle layer will be blue/black
  3. Inner layer will be white with blue tint

Four & FIve Layer Water Storage Tanks

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    Features :

    Venson introduced new GOLD series water storage tanks. These are heavy duty tanks.

  1. The First layer will be black,blue,white or yellow in colour
  2. The Second layer will be blue/black in colour
  3. The Third layer will be of foam material which will give extra strength & thickness
  4. The innermost layer will be white in colour

    Venson Ultra Four & Five Layers Tanks :

  1. Tanks with third & fourth layers of foam material which will provide extra strength

Chemical Storage Tanks

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    Features :

  1. Venson Chemical Tanks are manufactured using high density polythene powder specially designed for rotomolded chemical tanks.
  2. However the effect of chemicals on tanks are compounded in relation to extended exposures, elevated temperature & environment stress.
  3. These factors have to be considered while selecting Venson Chemical Tanks.

Venson Loft Tanks

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    Features :

  1. Venson Loft Tanks are made from vergin food grade material
  2. Available in natural colour
  3. Safer for draining water storage & for indoor usage only
  4. Available in 250 & 500 liters capacity

Specificationn :

Capacity Length Width Height Manhole
250 Ltrs 1045mm 725mm 405mm 300mm
500 Ltrs 1335mm 1060mm 445mm 300mm


Inlet, outlet & overflow holders will be providd as per customers need.